Rabbits And Compost

They live under the walnut trees in a hutch that is huge.  They have a pen to run and dig in.  They can hide in the herb garden and eat their favorites. 

The hutch is sturdy so dogs and other animals cannot get to them.  I use rabbit manure for composting for the garden,
which I think is responsible for the large plants I have been getting. The garden is getting healthier each year.

Hot Shot going so fast he is a blur! 


  1. haha...very nice comfy bunnies! We have one or two that showed up and I refuse to get attached. I hope they will just go home. lol

    1. They are home! lol I noticed something with these rabbits when they were loose, they never crossed the streets and only went in a little area less than a block. They know where home is and very attached to their own place. I try to put the females out in the pen, but they get aggressive with each other and never have fun until I put them out by themselves. The males, I don't even try to put them out with each other.