Health And Weight Loss

I have been trying to find the perfect way of eating where I will lose weight and have energy.  I have to cook for my family who do not have a weight problem.  I did not always have a weight problem either, so I worry about my children in the future. 
My husband is thin and most of his family is.  His brothers, sisters, and mother will put on a little weight, but nothing where they are obese.  My mother and her family were thin, but my dad's family did tend to put on weight. I think my husband's family ate a lot like my mother.  My mother always liked meat, greens, salads, all separate on her plate.  They did not eat casserole type meals.  They had a garden and chickens.  My dad always talked about dumplings. I remember he taught my mother how to make chicken and dumplings.  He told her how he used to make gravy.  Everything was gravy.  Sausage and gravy, biscuits and gravy, potatoes and gravy. His favorite food when younger was fried squirrel and gravy, rabbit and gravy.   There were 5 children in his family. I know they had chickens, but he never talked about a garden.  They went through the depression and hunted a lot of birds, rabbits, squirrels,and fished, and the fish were fired.  When I was younger I was thin and I think it was the food my mother cooked.

Later in life, I was very active and my mother did not do all the cooking.  We started trying more recipes and more fast food. I still keep weight off until age 30 and then something happened. We moved to town and I think I became less active.  We were not eating healthy.  That was also the year my dad died. For several years I read about vitamins and healthy food and added that back in my diet and was losing almost back to my normal weight and lifting weights.  I stopped the exercise and started gaining. It went like that for several year and then I got married.  Within just the first 2 months of being pregnant I gained weight. That is the weight I carry now.  When I was pregnant with my son, I gained, but lost all the weight and went right back to my weight I had been carrying since the birth of my daughter.

Since the birth of my son I have lost weight, but not much and it has taken a lot of effort to keep it off. I am not gaining weight, so it is really not what I am eating now that is the problem. The problem is to get this weight off and not gain it back. Over the next few weeks I am going to come up with a plan and try to stick with it for 2015, the year I turn 60 and try to start my 60s in the best health I have had in years and to be able to continue to be active through my 70s and 80s, and even look to being active to 100!

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